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By their very nature, food processing plants and outlets pose an extremely high pest activity risk where there is zero tolerance for pests. At Professional PCO Services Inc., our Food Processing Support Program was designed to anticipate and address the needs of the food processing environment, particularly those where a large volume of food are handled.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) was written to define the procedures and responsibilities of our pest control program, which include planning and implementation, as well as monitoring the efficiency of the program by carrying out regular reviews of collected pest data.

Professional PCO Services Inc. uses (Integrated Pest Management) IPM practices and Green Concept. In this manner, Professional PCO Services Inc. is able to take advantage of all appropriate pest management options including limiting use of pesticides, species-specific chemicals, biological pest control, and trapping to ensure maximum results with little disruption to the environment. Professional PCO Services Inc. can achieve excellent results while working in sensitive areas such as food production and handling. The pest control program encompasses all manufacturing, storage and distribution areas. Also Professional PCO Services Inc. provide fruit fly riddance program on restaurant and bar areas.

Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Schools present environments that are at a high risk of being afflicted by the many negative effects of pest activity. In these areas, our main concern is for the welfare of patients, the elderly and children, as well as the visitors and staff of these institutions. Thus within these are environments, there is zero tolerance for pests yet there are concerns about using chemical pest treatments near patients, staff and visitors.

At Professional PCO Services Inc., our Healthcare Support Program was designed to anticipate and address the needs of these environments, particularly those where a large number of people are housed for an extended amount of time. Apart from using the IPM approach, our commitment is also to be available on an “on-call” basis 24-hours per day. This way, our clients can reach a Professional PCO Services Inc. technician at any time if an emergency arises. This guarantees an immediate response, which is critical to serving clients in the healthcare environment.